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DECIDE™ in an ASP context

Based on the multi-client capability and exceptional scalability of the software, DECIDE™ can also be used as the strategic core of a "software on-demand" model. Through such a model, ASPs can for the first time ever offer their clients a high-end trading platform usually available to larger banks only

From the beginning, the DECIDE™ software has been designed to be 100% multi-client compatible as well as highly scalable. Especially in combination with the Linux operating system, this makes DECIDE™ the perfect system for providers of ASP/on-demand software services.

Within an on-demand framework, DECIDE™ is used as the functional core system for all trading, position keeping and risk management functions. This core can then be integrated into a larger architecture of stock exchange gateways, interfaces to market data providers, links with transaction banks, etc.

The following illustration shows the typical structure of an on-demand solution with DECIDE™.

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